Manchester United take on Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon and their manager, Frank Lampard, has spoken to the press about the match. They are currently one point above the relegation zone, 12 points off the top 10, but incredibly were six points off relegation and six points off mid-table when Lampard got the job.

Lampard is impressed with the individual players United have but recognises that we are going through a difficult time but says his squad have been working hard on eradicating mistakes from their game.

They’ve got fantastic individuals, incredible individuals, throughout their team. I wouldn’t sit here and say we can get at them, but maybe they’ve having difficult times, for Manchester United, because of the history of where they’ve been. And it shows sometimes those situations are not easy to turn around straight away, and you have to work and fight against it. I’m sure they’re doing that, just as we’re doing it at our end.

Every game’s different, so you have to look at the opposition’s strengths, weaknesses. Focus a lot of yourself and see how you can improve. The last two performances haven’t been bad, they’ve been pretty good, but mistakes have had an impact on both of those results. So we must take confidence in our performances being good. We are working to improve it and I think with improved performance the results come.