Paul Pogba’s agent and mother, as well as FIFA, have spoken out about the recent claims made by Le Havre about our supposed tapping up.

“So far, no contractual claim against the player Paul Pogba and/or the club Manchester United has been lodged by the French club, Le Havre, at Fifa. The matter we are currently investigating concerns the request for intervention submitted by the Football Association on behalf of its member club, Manchester United, in relation to the international clearance for the player in question, following the refusal of the French Football Federation to issue the international transfer certificate of the player.”

The agent – Gael Mahe
“Of course, it is a nice contract. But not only money makes a young player and his parents change their country. They also look at the way people talk to them, the seriousness of negotiation, the respect shown. Did you know what Manchester sent to Paul’s mother? Not a big cheque, but a bunch of flowers. It cost €30 but the mother has been moved. She felt trust. The father received a book about the club’s history, while Paul got a shirt with number 6 and his name in the back. It is a symbol, but they felt Manchester respected them.”

The mum – Yeo Pogba
“That house story made people laugh in the hotel. Why would we be in a hotel, if we had been given a house? I can assure you Manchester United didn’t give us anything. Le Havre didn’t take care of my son. When Paul missed classes because he played a tournament with the team, we asked to catch it up, but Le Havre didn’t care. We understood the club didn’t have faith in him. They proposed contracts to other players, but nothing to Paul. Trust was broken.”