My first memory of Alex Bruce was watching him as a young lad on Steve Bruce’s excellent ‘Captain’s Log‘ video. He grew up as a red and played for our academy but was released when he was 16-years-old.

Alex is proud of everything his dad achieved with United and is hoping he can become half the player our former captain was.

“The academy directors there got hold of me, saw I had the makings of a centre half and began moulding me into one. They taught me about the position and what a winning mentality was all about, and I owe them so much. Your dad is always your biggest critic, and mine is no different. One mistake, and he will jump on it. If he doesn’t, my mum’s not far behind. She knows her stuff and is coming to the replay, too. I remember the home game with Cardiff, when Kasper and I let the ball land between us, and Jay Bothroyd nipped in to score. My dad said, ‘What are you doing, letting it bounce? Get your head on it, son.’ When you’ve got a dad who’s had such a successful career, you have to get used to comparisons. People make judgments, but it doesn’t bother me. I am very proud to be his son. He won titles and cups at United and achieved everything except an England cap, which was a complete injustice. I’m proud to call him my dad, and if I can turn out to be even half as good as he was, I’ll be happy.”