Man United bounced back to their winning ways after drawing at home to Burnley by beating Leicester City 1-0 at the King Power Stadium. Marcus Rashford grabbed the winning goal after he was set up by Paul Pogba in the 9th minute. Contributing writer, Nathan Quao, puts down his takeaways from the game.

Marcus + Paul= Goal

The game’s best moment came from two players who get mentioned when the future of Man United is being discussed and it was the first time that they were joining forces to create goals.

Remember Pogba’s goal vs Bournemouth at Old Trafford? Well, that was created by Rashford’s trickery on the ball. Against Leicester though, Pogba did not have to conjure dribbling magic.

He took out a lovely, over-the-top pass from his tool box and found Rashford who applied a good piece of control and a strong finish.

The sequence was evidence of what they had to offer the team going forward and it turned out to be what pushed the Red Devils over the line at a very difficult ground on the road.

Surely, a lot more of these combinations will be seen in future matches.

Not pretty at all

If the goal was beauty, the overall performance of Man United was the beast. The expectation was that once the goal had gone in, Leicester City would attack and that would be the cue for Man United to start generating the counter attacks to devastating effect.

The breaks did come but poor decisions curtailed any potential that was there for goals. However, in between those counter attacks, the team was below-par.

Passes were under-hit and the error count from almost all the players was alarming.

Defenders were losing their markers frequently, midfielders could not find team mates and the forwards looked off-colour.

The team just had an off-day and there should be gratitude for Leicester’s inability to find a goal to give them a point they otherwise fought for.

Another wake-up call

In football, the result is the most important and the team got the result. Another draw was never going to to help and thankfully, that did not happen.

But, the experience was another reminder of the perilous nature of the Premier Leaguie. It is cruel and very unforgiving and not too many second chances are given to teams.

Man United need to find the right mix of things to help them play better in future matches since they are a good number of very crucial ties coming up.

Ties against Chelsea, Man City, and PSG in the Champions League will need a far better showing than what was produced at the King Power Stadium.

When the likes of Eden Hazard, Sergio Aguero and Kylian Mbappe are around, they will not ask for several invitations to remind you of their prowess. They will score and ask questions later.

An encore of the performance at Leicester next time will not be pardoned.