The University of Navarra have released the latest version of their highly-respected study into the media popularity and value of clubs and individual players. Last season, United ranked as the most popular club globally, however this season have dropped to second, behind Barcelona.

The study reveals that clubs with homegrown talent, rather that bought players, add popularity to the club, with footballers who break into the first team from their respective club’s junior set up enjoy 16.6% of total media exposure.

But who has helped keep us as one of the most popular teams in the World? Carlos Tevez apparently.

1 Barcelona (3rd last year)
2 Manchester United (1st last year)
3 AC Milan (5th last year)
4 Chelsea (2nd last year)
5 Real Madrid (4th last year)
6 Liverpool (6th last year)
7 Arsenal (8th last year)
8 Inter Milan (7th last year)
9 Roma Serie (10th last year)
10 Olympique Lyon (13th last year)

Thanks to the emergence of Spanish teenager Bojan Krkic, Barca have become the most-talked about club this season. Giovani dos Santos (now at Spurs) and Lionel Messi have also helped with this.

Barca’s youth system is seen as the most valuable at £120 million. Real Madrid’s is rated 2nd at £50 million and Roma’s third at a value of £40 million. The report notes clubs “harm their own interests” by valuing their big-money signings more highly than homegrown players when it comes to marketing appeal.