One rule for United, another rule for everyone else. The ridiculous decision to ban Patrice Evra for four matches following the racist comments from Chelsea groundsman Sam Bethell has only again exposed the double standards the FA have where United are concerned.

This isn’t the first time though and it won’t be the last.

1. John Terry
It doesn’t seem to matter what this fella does, the FA will let him get away with it. His cheating and unnecessary aggression are always described as a ‘British bulldog’ nature, he’s a ‘brave, English warrior’, and anything else that excuses his unacceptable behaviour.

When Terry brought down Jo earlier this season, by wrapping his arm around his waist and pulling him to the ground, the FA saw to it that he faced NO PUNISHMENT. Conveniently, this meant Terry was available for the United game the following week.

When Terry tried to take a red card out of the hand of the referee’s hand at Old Trafford last season, he faced NO PUNISHMENT.

2. Didier Drogba

Drogba threw a coin indiscriminately in to a crowd containing men, women and children.

Punishment? Three matches.

Let’s put that in to context.

Three matches is the number of games both Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes missed for getting sent off in a pre-season friendly, on the order of the FA. Scholes’ red card was for two silly challenges, whilst Rooney’s was for fuck all. The fact that Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor both received red cards in the same tournament three years earlier, only to face NO PUNISHMENT from the FA, seemed to pass most people by.

Get it straight. Throwing a coin is bad. Swinging for a racist cunt is even worse.

3. Adrian Mutu

Mutu failed a drug’s test, testing positive for cocaine. He was banned for 7 months and fined £20,000 by the FA.

Rio Ferdinand failed to show up for a drug’s test, offering to return later that day but was turned away. Although the test he had independently showed he was free of drugs, the FA banned him for 8 months and fined him £50,000.

Mutu’s failed test came a year after Ferdinand’s missed test, yet he was banned for less time and fined less than half of what Rio was.