With reports all week suggesting that Dimitar Berbatov’s move would be completed any day now, the Premier League’s investigation is still ongoing.

After an article appeared in The Sun carrying quotes supposedly from Sir Alex Ferguson talking about Berbatov, Daniel Levy erupted.

“Today’s public comments by Manchester United’s manager, announcing that he has made an offer for Dimitar and is confident that the deal will go through with time working in their favour, is a blatant example of sheer arrogance and interference with one of our players,” he said. “It is also probably one of the worst offences by any manager in the Premier League to date and is unbelievably hypocritical given his recent comments in respect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. As a result, we have today made an official complaint to the PL about the conduct of Manchester United.”

However, the following day, Sir Alex Ferguson said he knew nothing about these recent comments, claiming he hadn’t mentioned Berbatov by name to anyone. A sheepish Scandinavian supporters club website came forward, suggesting they had misquoted the manager.

Tottenham Hotspur fans appeared here in their droves, claiming that Levy had far more evidence than just these quotes in The Sun. In fact, he had a whole dossier full of evidence that was going to have United strung up for tapping up.

Well, the Premier League have looked at Spurs’ evidence, but what do they make of it?

It has been decided today that there is not enough evidence to suggest that United have been guilty of tapping up, but have instead offered Spurs the opportunity to provide some proof.

A three-man panel of Sir Dave Richards, Richard Scudamore and Mike Foster, discussed the evidence that Levy put forwarded, but concluded that no action could be taken against United on that alone.

So the London club have a few more weeks to get any information together which they can submit to the panel, however, Spurs have had a month to get their facts together for this case, so the chances of further evidence appearing are pretty slim.

David Gill has re-opened negotiations with Daniel Levy over the signing of the player but it appears as though we won’t have to pay Spurs off with a dodgy donation like the dippers did. Unless Spurs can produce examples of irrefutable evidence, the case will be closed, whether we sign the player or not.