Anders Lindegaard has answered questions for the club’s official site about training at United.

Which part of training do you enjoy the most?
When we get to play small, high-intensity games, that’s one of the best parts of training. When we had a lot of games over Christmas, for example, much of training is very tactically-focused but we also get some time to play some high-intensity games. That’s definitely what I enjoy most.

How seriously do you all take those matches?
Very seriously. They are highly competitive – people want to win and do well. It’s great to play in them.

Who scored the best goal you have ever seen in training – can you describe it?
Probably Robin or Wazza.

Who’s the most competitive in training?
Rafael is quite competitive, as is Wayne.

How do the facilities at the Aon Training Complex compare to those at your previous clubs?
I’ve been at some quite small clubs so it’s almost incomparable. It’s a great training facility – we have everything here. We have fantastic fitness facilities, the pitches are brilliant, the locker room [décor] is very classy and there is a great sports science department. There is everything you need here to stay fit and on top of your game.

What kind of work do you do in the gym?
Mostly explosive stuff so there isn’t so much heavy weight-lifting. It’s more about jumping higher and running faster, and getting quicker movements in general. For me, it’s not the most enjoyable part of the job but it’s a necessary part if you want to stay on top.

Who is your unsung hero at the training ground – the staff member who regularly makes your day?
I like it when Lyonsie [Steve Lyons], our foot specialist is in – he’s always in a good mood and spreads the love and helps create a good atmosphere around the place.

Which four colleagues would you pick to join you on a five-a-side team if you were about to start a match now?
I’ll go for Wayne, Robin, Michael Carrick and Juan Mata.