Today Republik Of Mancunia is using Fandio for the second time, a cutting-edge interactive audio broadcast of the game, where fans can experience the live match together. The audio broadcast will commence at 15.50pm UK time once the chat room opens.

There are several ways to get involved;

a. Click on the link above which takes you directly to the chat room, and you can simply sit back and enjoy the live audio broadcast. So basically instead of being subjected to Michael Owen’s monotone reflections, you can listen to the miscellaneous Mancunian musings of @JonathanShrager and @SergeFagelman plus several other Reds before, during and after the game, as they dissect and evaluate United’s performance.

You’ll also be able to view participants’ text chat within the chat room as it unfolds during the game.

b. Options b. requires you to sign up on Fandio, a very quick and simple process. This will enable you to actively participate, either via contributing text chat, or via being invited to partake in the audio broadcast. You may be added to talk at any point during the broadcast, pre-match, during the game, half-time or at full-time. Please note that in order to speak on the live commentary, you’ll need to be using Chrome as a browser (you can listen, and participate in text chat using any browser though.)

So, we look forward to interacting with all you fellow Reds from around the globe. Please bear in mind that this is the only the second time we’ll be using Fandio, so be patient Reds.

Cheers, we hope you enjoy the commentary, and get involved if you fancy.