The Republik of Mancunia live blog. Possibly a more regular feature in the future…?

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90+3 mins: Whistle goes. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!

90+2 mins: Our opponents on the attack but they handball it in our box. Free-kick to be taken by Edwin.

90 mins: Three minutes injury time.

89 mins: Almost breaks for Ronaldo. He chases the ball down and is ahead of the two defenders, but the keeper comes out to boot the ball away.

88 mins: Brilliant save from Van der Sar. That was going in! Corner.

86 mins: Both teams have now made all their substitutions. Darren Fletcher comes on for Anderson, who’s had a good game, his best in a while.

85 mins: Great ball from Rooney to Anderson. Our Brazilian charges forward but receives a strong tackle just outside the box.

84 mins: Neville on for Rafael.

83 mins: Rooney and Ronaldo ready to break, but Rooney’s pass is too far ahead of Ronnie, who has been quieter this half, playing a more central role.

82 mins: I take it back. Gary Neville is kitted out ready to come on. Fletcher was doing the same, although it’s not clear whether he’s still coming on.

81 mins: Rafael is rolling around on the ground. Not sure what’s up with him. Not a lot, he’s back on his feet.

80 mins: Van der Sar collects a ball being chased down by Reasco. Van der Sar wins the free-kicks following some afters by Reasco.

79 mins: Evra bombs down the left wing and plays the ball in to Rooney. He is surrounded by four players but manages to keep possession initially. Goes to ground too easily when he knows he’s fighting a losing battle. Ball cleared.

77 mins: Ronaldo desperately wants the ball but Rooney gives it to Carrick. Carrick pulls the ball back across the box but nobody is there.

75 mins: Rooney is working hard in defence and out muscles his opponent outside our box. Evra is then fouled to relieve any pressure.

74 mins: Replays show Carrick to Ronaldo, Ronaldo to Rooney. Great finish from quite a tight angle. Rooney is made up, hugs Ronaldo, and the Santa-suited support celebrate in the stands. Just what we deserved.


70 mins: Big mistake from Evra could have resulted in a goal. Very dangerous. Anderson sprinted back and made a vital challenge on Manso. Sort it out lads! Shouldn’t be this nervous.

69 mins: Araujo has a shot from distance, Van der Sar saves.

68 mins: Liga de Quito are growing in confidence, but still don’t look dangerous. The referee booked Anderson for nothing, proving himself to be a very fussy official. Surely it’s time to make a change now, Fergie? Time for Park to make way for Nani, I’d say, if you’re reading Sir Alex!

67 mins: Bolanos boots the ball miles in front of him, beating the back line. He almost has the pace to catch up with the ball, but Van der Sar comes out to claim.

66 mins: Free-kick is cleared. Ronaldo picks up the ball and plays in Park, who is tackled.

65 mins: Calle yellow carded, although replays suggest a free-kick would have been fair. Anderson steps up again.

63 mins: Long range shot from Manso. Good save from Van der Sar. Corner. Reasco fires high and wide.

62 mins: Penalty shout from Park as he is bundled over in the area. Looks at the referee but he’s having none of it.

59 mins: Rooney can only direct his header in to the arms of the keeper. We’re getting closer, but it just isn’t seeming to break for us at the moment.

58 mins: Ronaldo’s free-kick goes miles over the bar.

57 mins: Good passing and moving from United, with Anderson and Carrick working well in the centre of midfield. United win a free-kick in Ronaldo range, but still some way out. Crowd is buzzing.

55 mins: LDQ corner which results in a free-kick for United.

54 mins: Dangerous shot from Ronaldo which the keeper just about manages to keep a hold of.

52 mins: Rooney charges down the left. He is outnumbered but gets a cross away. Park is the only player in the box and the keeper collects.

51 mins: Ronaldo in a goalscoring opportunity tries to selflessly pass the ball. His pass is weak though and possession is lost.

50 mins: Carlos Tevez is sacrificed for Jonny Evans. Gutted.

49 mins: Replays show Vidic was fouled. As he was on the ground, Argentine Claudio Bieler wrapped his arm around Vidic’s neck, our defender shoved him off. Unfortunately, he was shoving with his elbow, which of course his opponent made the most of, rolling around on the ground as if he had been struck by Vidic. Silly of Vidic though. He should have expected nothing more from a South American!

48 mins: Vidic sent off!

47 mins: Anderson should have won a throw, but it goes the other way. It is launched in the box but the opposition raises his foot to Vidic’s face. Our Serbian doesn’t flinch and charges forward, disappointed that a free-kick was awarded when the ref should have played on.

46 mins: LDU get the game restarted. The wind is picking up a bit now. Carrick concedes a free-kick in the centre circle.

45+1 mins: Ref blows for half-time. United completely dominated the game with 69% of possession, 5 shots on target, 7 shots off, yet no goals. Familiar story? More of the same second half lads, although let’s find the net now! Kuszczak, Neville, Berbatov, Giggs, Nani, Scholes, Welbeck, O’Shea, Evans, Fletcher, Gibson and Amos are the bench. Who will get a run out in the second half?

45 mins: Rooney tries to place his shot from outside the box but it goes just wide of the post.

44 mins: Rafael and Ronaldo bring the ball forward. The ball is floated in to the box, over the head of Rooney, before Park awkwardly tries to strike it. He messes up. That could and probably should have been a goal.

42 mins: Ronaldo bombs down the wing and plays a good ball in to the box. The defender gets his toe in front of Rooney’s and stabs the ball back to his keeper.

41 mins: United break. Rooney receives the ball from Evra and plays it on to Tevez. Tevez unleashes one but it is saved by the goalkeeper.

40 mins: LDQ are seeing more of the ball. Manso tries to play the ball through to his team mate, but Van der Sar collects. The opposition pass the ball about our half before Evra wins the ball.

38 mins: A wild shot from Manso before Rooney breaks past the last man. Unfortunately, he is flagged for offside.

35 mins: Anderson delivers in the box. Rio gets a head on it but the ball goes wide.

34 mins: Park has a powerful shot from the right which is pushed behind for a corner.

33 mins: Anderson takes a poor free-kick which sails high over the bar.

32 mins: United win a free-kick on the right-hand side of the box. Ronaldo stands over the ball, with Anderson next to him.

31 mins: Carrick has a shot from outside the area which goes just wide.

30 mins: United are playing a patient game at the moment. A lot of possession in their half of the pitch, searching for the break through.

27 mins: Park charges down the right wing and beats his man, but couldn’t keep his cross from going out.

26 mins: I’m not sure whether that was a shot or cross from the opposition. It was powerful, but too wayward to be dangerous.

25 mins: “Champions of England, Champions of Europe!” chant our fans. Will we be adding “Champions of the World” to that later today?

24 mins: Anderson passes the ball to Rooney outside the area, which is returns to him, but a good tackle is made to prevent Anderson getting the tackle away.

23 mins: Rooney chases the ball down in their half. Ronaldo attempts a fancy flick which means we lose possession. Anderson then concedes a free-kick trying to win back the ball.

21 mins: Rafael gets Anderson involved at the half way line. Anderson plays through a brilliant ball to Rooney, with the goalkeeper coming out and doing just enough to put Rooney off his chip, with the ball landing on the roof of the net.

20 mins: Possession – 68% in our favour

19 mins: Their keeper is scrambling again as Tevez makes a close range header than needs to be saved.

17 mins: Ronaldo is creating a lot of excitement from the crowd. He is having a good game so far, rising to the occasion and displaying his fancy feet at their finest.

16 mins: It’s all United so far with us getting closer to the breakthrough goal. Tevez has a shot from outside the box, but doesn’t really get a hold of it.

15 mins: Corner is aimed at Ronaldo but he mistimes his run. Out for a throw.

14 mins: Carrick plays a beautiful ball up to Park who is shoved over in the penalty area. Rooney gets away another powerful shot that the keeper forces around the post for a corner.

12 mins: Rooney takes a corner which is cleared for a throw-in.

11 mins: Ronaldo wins a freekick just outside the area, although his opponent makes it clear he thinks he dived. A freekick is delivered in to the danger zone, although is cleared away.

10 mins: Rooney gets a powerful shot away, parried down by the keeper, almost in to the path of Tevez.

9 mins: Vidic defends well when one his opponent was almost one on one with the keeper.

7 mins: Tevez plays through Rooney he runs to the left side of the penalty area. He passes to Ronaldo who tries to fool the defender, but is forced in to returning the ball to Rooney. Attack breaks down.

5 mins: Vidic’s longe range pass is flicked off the head of Park in Tevez’s direction, but the goalkeeper claims it.

3 mins: A freekick from the right side of the box should have ended in a goal, with two players in a clear goalscoring opportunity.

2 mins: Claudio Biele booked for a foul on Ronaldo.

1 min: And we’re off. Starting line-up Van der Sar, R Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Ronaldo, Carrick, Anderson, Park, Tevez, Rooney.

Pre-match: Andy Cole joins the panellists to talk about United’s chances. He fancies Carlos Tevez to make the difference.