Ahead of Liverpool’s vital Champions League clash at home to Chelsea, Rafael Benitez was getting too big for his boots. For whatever reason, the FSW took offence to Sir Alex Ferguson claiming that the winner of the Chelsea vs Liverpool game would be our biggest threat to the title, after this question was posed to him by the media. Rafa “five minute speech about Fergie at a press conference” Benitez claimed he only likes to concentrate on his own team, unlike the United manager, and reckoned it was because he was scared.

The next day his team gets played off the park at home by Chelsea, despite taking an early lead, and he’s made to look very foolish indeed.

Sam Allardyce is taking his relegation-fighters Blackburn to Anfield at the weekend, with the hope of coming away with something. Of course, it would certainly be helpful to our title campaign if Blackburn could pinch a couple of points off the scousers.

Allardyce has reiterated what we all know, that Benitez is foolish to try and take on Ferguson.

“Bolton always used to batter them at The Reebok but we were never capable of reproducing that form at Anfield,” said Allardyce. “But you can’t help him whinging and moaning, can you? He loves it. You’d be foolish taking on Sir Alex because he knows every trick in the book. I’ve managed to psyche out a few managers in my time but nobody has ever psyched me out. It’s great when a manager moans about the way my teams play, though. Irrespective of what label they might give me, if I can beat Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United home or away, then I am a major tactician and a very good manager. But you have to be to beat them because they can spend £200million to your £25m.”

Fat Sam doesn’t half like to blow his own trumpet!