Liverpool Football Club have released an astonishing statement in response to the eight match ban Luis Suarez has received for racially abusing Patrice Evra two months ago.

After Kenny Dalglish foolishly repeatedly defended their striker, the club had been left with little option to back Suarez. However, now that he has been found guilty, you’d think even scousers would have enough class to condemn him.

Instead, they choose to lie and claim that Evra has made unfounded allegations before and suggest that because Suarez has played with black players before he can’t possibly be racist.

It is our strong held belief, having gone over the facts of the case, that Luis Suarez did not commit any racist act. It is also our opinion that the accusation by this particular player was not credible – certainly no more credible than his prior unfounded accusations.

Patrice Evra has never made any public claims of racism against anyone before, let allow numerous accusations, as this Liverpool statement implies. Presumably the situations LFC are referring to are the allegations made by deaf football fans against Steve Finnan when they claimed to lip read him making racist comments to Evra. Also, when Mike Phelan claimed that Chelsea groundstaff made racist comments towards Evra, even though our player denied having heard any racist remarks himself. LFC are either embarrassing ignorant or liars. Either way, to make such unfounded allegations against Evra, suggesting he is playing the ‘race card’ against Suarez, is shocking.

Luis himself is of a mixed race family background as his grandfather was black. He has played with black players and mixed with their families whilst with the Uruguay national side and was Captain at Ajax Amsterdam of a team with a proud multi-cultural profile, many of whom became good friends. It seems incredible to us that a player of mixed heritage should be accused and found guilty in the way he has based on the evidence presented.

Ah ok, I get it, some of Suarez’s best friends are black people, right? That’s usually how a racist defends himself after being questioned over making an offensive comment or joke.

We would also like to know when the FA intend to charge Patrice Evra with making abusive remarks to an opponent after he admitted himself in his evidence to insulting Luis Suarez in Spanish in the most objectionable of terms. Luis, to his credit, actually told the FA he had not heard the insult.

Firstly, if we are to accuse every footballer for “making abusive remarks to an opponent” the FA would do nothing else. Secondly, I’d like to think Evra called Liverpool’s racist striker all the names under the sun. Whilst not literally kicking racism out of football, as Eric Cantona did almost two decades ago, I am proud that our vice-captain was proud to speak out against racism, when so many other players would rather bury their heads in the sand.

If one of our players was ever found guilty of making racist remarks I would be gutted. That feeling would only intensify if they were ignorant enough to respond with the drivel LFC have done in their official statement. Their fans should be embarrassed and ashamed of their club and player, but just like always, I’m sure they will find someone else to blame.

Black armbands for Suarez… that’s if he doesn’t object to the colour.

How Patrice Evra has never played the race card and why assumptions are dangerous