Crazy ol Rafa is talking “facts” again.

“Check the figures,” Benítez said. “It doesn’t matter what Ferguson says about money. They have more money and can spend more than us, so we have to manage and do our best in every single deal.”

Wrong again!

It turns out that Rafael Benitez has £43m more than Sir Alex Ferguson since joining the Premier League in 2004. Liverpool fans bang about the FSW’s net spent. Fair do’s. Liverpool have made more than United in the transfer market, around £26m better off. That still means United have done better by £17m in the transfer market.

The transfer website where I got these figures from details every clubs’ transfers since the Premiership began in 1992. Liverpool fans claim we have “bought” our success in the 18 years that have gone since their last title. Bad news for them.

Since 1992, United have spent around £11m more than them, an average of around £600k a season. When you compare the difference in success between the two clubs in that time, the difference in spending is laughable. When you then consider that when it comes to sales United have made roughly £13m more than Liverpool it becomes even more ridiculous. Since 1992, United have ten Premiership titles and have an average net spend of £11,799,118 per season. Since 1992, Liverpool have zero Premiership titles and have an average net spend of £11,908,529.

Facts, facts, facts. You gotta love em!