“Matt Busby is without the doubt the greatest manager that ever lived. I am not saying I think he is the greatest manager, I am saying he is the greatest manager. Facts can prove that. He had tremendous courage, and his foresight and ability, everything a man needs to be a football manager, Matt Busby has.”

Bill Shankly, who is regarded as one of the greatest all time managers, revealed during an interview which took place in the 1970s that he believed that Sir Matt Busby was the greatest ever manager.

Busby was a pioneer for this country in European football, competing in the European Cup against the wishes of the FA, and becoming the first manager to lead an English team to European glory. He built his team was scratch, losing some of the most talented and influential members of the team on that tragic day in Munich. Ten years following that disaster, he built a team worthy of the title ‘Champions of Europe’, bringing through some of the most exciting and able players this country has ever seen. Just six players representing English teams have been named as officially the best in Europe, three of those belonging to Sir Matt’s team.

“I saw Old Trafford a few days after the Blitz, and when I looked at it, I thought `That’s the end. There will never be another football team here again,'” Shankly said in the interview. “Tommy Curry was trying to keep things going then, but there was not even any water running into the place to have a wash, so the players could train. It’s the most amazing thing that this club, and this ground, has risen from this. It is a tribute to Matt Busby.”