At long last, it has been confirmed that Liverpool have signed Charlie Adam from Blackpool.

I wonder if they know he’s a United fan?

Ahead of our game against Blackpool at the end of last season, Adam gave an interview which was printed in the matchday programme, claiming he’s from a family of United supporters and used to watch us play home and away.

“I used to try and come to Old Trafford as much as possible to see United, and also follow them to away games when I could,” he said. “A lot of my family are United fans, and I loved watching United’s players. When you’re a player yourself, you want to see the very best play. If you can¹t learn from coming to Old Trafford, where can you learn from?”

It was United legend, Paul Scholes, who stood out the most for Adam though.

“I learn something every time I’m on the same pitch as Paul Scholes,” he continued. “When you go up against him, you see how he knows where everybody else on the pitch is, and where the ball is coming before it comes to him. That gives him time on the ball and so many options. I hope he plays.”

United fans have been talking about how we can bridge the gap between ourselves and Barcelona, after winning a record 19th title last season. However, with such top quality signings at Liverpool, it’s time for us to forget about Xavi and Iniesta and wonder how we can compete with Henderson and Adam! World beaters.

If Charlie Adam was a chocolate bar he’d lick himself