Liverpool lost 2-0 to Boro today, who were second from bottom this morning, after failing to pick up three points in the league since November 9th 2008.

Now I know some of you will find this result confusing, particularly as it means Liverpool now have the potential to go ten points behind if we win our game in hand, as this was supposed to be Liverpool’s year. I know the criticis amongst you will recall that every one of the past nineteen seasons was meant to be their year, but this time, it was true! They were going to stop United from equalling their 18 titles, lead bravely forward by Stevie Me and El Nino.

The climax of the Rafalution was going to be seen in all its glory this season, with the Spanish genius showing us what tactical football was really about, claiming the prize every scouser has been desperate to get their grubby mits on for the past two decades.

Ok, so that pre-match press conference where he brought a list of supposed facts, which actually weren’t facts at all (no matter how many times he mentioned the word), was a bit weird, and selling off a £20 million striker six months after buying him, despite only having the inept Dirk Kuyt and David N’Gog as back-up for the injury-prone Torres, was rather odd, but forget that. The man is a genius!

However, there have been stumbling blocks in his contract negotiations, with rumours that he was actually going to pack it all in. Life-long Liverpool supporter, Rick Parry, the chief executive who has been at the club for over ten years, lost his battle this week though, with it being confirmed he was on his way out of the club in the summer. Benitez won that power struggle and the likelihood of him getting the deal he wants has increased.

As a fan hoping to see the next twenty years as successful for United and unsuccessful for Liverpool, I sincerely hope the Yanks offer Benitez everything he wants, including full control over the transfers in and out of the club, to ensure he is their manager for some time to come. FSW, we salute you!

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