“Our focus is on The Premier League and we know how important it is to win The Premier League for the fans,” Torres said. “It has been too many years and we are focusing on that.”

With just seven games left for Liverpool and United a point and a game in hand ahead, Torres has changed his tune.

“Domestic titles are very important but to win the Champions League you are saying we are the best team in Europe,” he said today. “This club has a great record in the European Cup but now I want to be a part of that history. On the way home from the European Championship I made a promise that I wanted more of this success with Liverpool and it does not come any bigger than the European Cup.”

Apart from the FACT that when Liverpool last won the European Cup they were not even the best team in Merseyside, let alone Europe, finishing in 5th behind Everton and needing UEFA to bend the rules just to allow them with the chance of competing in the competition the following season. Torres could do with reading up on Liverpool’s history!

Steven Gerrard cannot agree with Torres on this one though, claiming he would swap the winner’s medal for every other competition just to get his hands on a title winners medal. He should go and have a word with Giggsy, I’m sure he’s got a few spare for Stevie Me to play with.