Rafael Benitez is convinced that Liverpool keep falling short to Manchester United because of money. Ignoring the fact that Chelsea had spent much more money than United before we reclaimed our trophy in 2007, he is still factually incorrect, which certainly won’t please a man so obsessed with what he likes to think of as ‘fact’.

It seems his delusions have been passed down to Liverpool’s star player, Fernando Torres, who has today claimed that this is their year, which is so unusual for a scouser.

“We don’t have the same money as United or Chelsea but that is not a problem for us,” said Torres. “We will try to win trophies with money or without it, it doesn’t matter to us. In the past two years, United have been the strongest team in Europe and we had to fight against them. This year they have lost an important player, so maybe it is our time.”

nb. this table is without the £80m for Ronaldo