After drawing at home to City, Liverpool are now seven points behind Manchester United at the top of the table. Rafael Benitez, whose mental stability has come in to question at times this season, has conceded their title chase is a lot more difficult now, but is focussing on getting a result at Old Trafford in a few weeks time.

Sadly for him, Liverpool’s results at our place have got worse with every passing season!

“I think we will have to beat Manchester United now,” said Benitez. “Clearly it is more difficult now. It is a bad result. We have to beat Middlesbrough and Sunderland and start thinking about if we can win at Old Trafford. You never know what can happen but clearly they can win games and win games without playing well. There are still 12 games to go though, you can’t say anything is finished.”

United 3 Liverpool 0

United 2 Liverpool 0

United 1 Liverpool 0

United 2 Liverpool 1

Four matches at Old Trafford for Benitez with four defeats, conceding eight goals, with the only goal scored for them coming from a John O’Shea own goal.

Essentially though, Liverpool and Rafa have blown it. Titles aren’t won in February, but they can certainly be lost, and relying on a win at Old Trafford, something just one team managed last season and no teams have achieved this season, means times are getting desperate!