To guarantee an argument which will last all night, put a Manchester United and Liverpool fan in a room and get them to discuss which club is the greatest.

“Have you ever won the Treble?” “We’ve won it five times,” “18 years,” and “18 vs 17 titles,” would probably be the phrases that appeared most often.

Whilst I hate Liverpool most passionately, you’d be an idiot to ignore their great history. Sadly for them though, that’s all they’ve got to cling on to these days, as whatever success a cup competition brings you, the biggest and best clubs want to win the league. What does Stevie Me call it? The bread and butter, and he’s not wrong.

Liverpool resent United being called the biggest club in the World, despite arguments to support it. However, their own players aren’t doing their club any justice when resorting to such a small club mentality, as Alvaro Arbeloa did yesterday.

“If Ronaldo plays in Real Madrid it will be good news because he is one of the best players in the world and is our enemy at the moment,” Arbeloa told Sky Sports News. “If he can play for Real Madrid for me it is perfect. For us it would be a good news because for Manchester United he is very important and if Ronaldo is not in Manchester for Liverpool it is good.”

What’s he playing at? Why is a Liverpool player talking to Sky Sports News about United’s possible transfers? What on earth has it got to do with him?

Fernando Torres has been linked with a move away to Chelsea in recent weeks. Can you imagine Nemanja Vidic getting on the phone to have a chat with Sky Sports News, claiming he hopes he leaves?

For a situation to be “perfect” for a United player, it would be in regards to their own club. It was “perfect” to win the league last season. It was “perfect” to win the European Cup. If Ferguson was to bring in one of the brightest talents in the World to the club, there would be an element of perfection in that.

But how sad that perfection for Arbeloa is nothing to do with Liverpool FC, but all about United. One player being sold from United is “perfect” for him.

It’s a worrying sign when a player is more concerned about the goings on and players of other clubs than he is his own.

“This is our year!” Steven Gerrard will be telling him, but who wants to let Arbeloa know the scousers have been saying that same shit for the past 18 years…