Despite the impressive 24 league goals Fernando Torres scored this season, Liverpool failed to compete for any trophies this season. Dropping out of the title race half way through the season, having their FA Cup run ended by Barnsley (snigger), as well as being knocked out of Europe and League Cup by Chelsea, Liverpool fans had little to celebrate this season.

Whilst most scousers looked forward to “next season” with great anticipation, as always, they had to watch their hated rivals lift the league trophy and European Cup. What a way to rub salt in the wounds.

However, their talented striker doesn’t seem at a loss, despite the shambles that is going on behind the scenes, as much as the results on the pitch. Yesterday, he had a dig at the defences in this country, claiming they give him too much room.

“The central defenders (in the Premier League) are usually big, strong, aggressive lads,” he said. “I guess it is probably because of these characteristics that the majority think they can solve problems by getting tough with me. But the truth is most of them lack defensive positioning as a result of their reliance on strength and aggression and leave so much space for you to take advantage of.”

If that is the case, why did Fernando Torres spend two matches in Rio Ferdinand’s back pocket this season?

At Anfield, we didn’t hear a whimper out of the scouser’s “saviour”. After a very quiet first half, you wouldn’t have even known he was on the field in the second. He was given a rating of just 5/10 from Sky Sports, in comparison’s to Rio Ferdinand’s 8/10 Man of the Match performance. United scooped all three points at Anfield again.

In the return game at Old Trafford, United finished 3-0 up and Torres was even worse. Liverpool managed just one shot on target in the entire 90 minutes. Sky Sports again rated Torres 5/10, in contrast to Rooney, who claimed Man of the Match. After the game, Gerrard said of Rooney, “He destroyed us at the weekend.”

With ten minutes to go, after doing nothing, Torres was taken off for Riise. Doesn’t say an awful lot about Torres if he can show himself up as entirely inaffective on two occasions against United, particularly when, according to him, the defences over here are lacking in technical ability.

Torres is el nino, whilst Ferdinand is el hombre.

18 years.