David Moyes reckons luck went against Everton today but I can only assume he hasn’t seen a replay of the penalty decision.

“We were playing against a good team and you need a bit of luck and I think it might have gone against us in the penalty decision,” said Moyes. “I can sometimes see them given but thought it was quite light.”

The first contact on Carrick is made outside the area, but Michael passes him. It is when Arteta then turns and kicks out a leg that Carrick trips. He is in the area, he is tripped and he is denied a great goalscoring opportunity. The times when they’re not given, as Moyes refers to, are times when the referee makes a wrong decision. That is not to say Arteta had been malicious or even intentional, but you don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt when you foul someone in the area, on purpose or otherwise. And that was just one of the two penalties we deserved! Carrick was fouled by Lescott in front of the Stretford End in the second half, only for the ref to wave play on.

Nail on penalty, deserved win, TOP OF THE LEAGUE!