Romelu Lukaku was named Man of the Match in Manchester United’s 3-1 victory over Arsenal in the FA Cup, after assisting the first two goals.

Alexis Sanchez, whose every touch was booed at the Emirates, opened the scoring. Lukaku revealed after the game that he had predicted Sanchez would score against his former club.

I told him yesterday in training, ‘Listen, you’re going to score tomorrow’.

I said to him I’d give him the ball as long as he ran inside if I couldn’t shoot. I said to him, ‘Just run in and I’ll find you’. I think you could see when I got the ball I was looking for him and he made the right run and the finish for him was incredible.

We knew they would leave space for me and Alexis with the full-backs pushing on so it would end up being 3 v 3 or 3 v 2 and we had a lot of moments when we could have countered better, especially in the second half. I think we could have scored two or three more goals to be honest, but 3-1 at Arsenal is very good.