Romelu Lukaku has leapt to the defence of Jose Mourinho who has been given an awful time by the press so far this season. The striker has claimed the players are fully behind him and they are looking to get the season back on track this afternoon against Watford.

After the game against Tottenham, even though we lost, I really felt a unity between the fans and the players and the manager. That was something beautiful to see. A lot of people are coming for the manager and I don’t understand why. He’s just trying to build a fortress out of this football club and we as players we know that.

The manager is a winner, he’s somebody that is a real personality. He wants to help us, he wants us to win and it’s normal that when he loses he gets angry so I don’t understand why some people are trying to come after him because some managers in this league are getting a pass, and he doesn’t. I think people should respect him more but we, as players, are going to react on the pitch. When we played against Burnley that was the first [reaction] and now we want to keep going.