Following Adnan Janzuaj’s early return from his loan spell at Borussia Dortmund, Louis van Gaal has insisted that he believes in the youngster’s talent.

It was a shock when the manager allowed Januzaj to leave on loan, but Van Gaal had wanted him to join an English club, and Januzaj chose to go to Germany. He’s had a disappointing time there, struggling to get in to the team, and decided he wanted to come back to Manchester, with Dortmund not interested in keeping him.

I hope he can show his talent this year for Manchester United. I believe in the talent of Adnan Januzaj. I have said this previously. I also previewed [foresaw] that it shall be very difficult to play matches in Dortmund and, unfortunately, I was right. Then I think that, if he cannot play there, then he would be better training with us here to show his talent in the first team.

He has been tested already this morning [Friday] and he didn’t play so much [for] 90 minutes, only in the pre-season, so he has to show his fitness in the second team. We have to wait to see that the papers are alright, as they are not at the moment. We have to see if he can play on Monday for the second team. He is fit to play and that is also very good, then he can show his quality.