When Manchester United signed Sergio Romero, the fans didn’t envisage that he would be starting all of our games at the exclusion of David de Gea.

Louis van Gaal concedes that Romero hasn’t had much opportunity to deal with the increased physicality of the Premier League yet, but that he is pleased with the job he’s done so far.

I don’t think he is up to it yet because, until now, we haven’t allowed a lot of shots or moments in our 16-metre area. I think he has made very good saves but until now I think only maybe the save in Brugge at 1-0 was very important, but he did also a save against Tottenham. So he could not show what he can show, I think, but that is only a compliment for the team. We wouldn’t have bought him if we didn’t believe in him. The difficulty in training was the co-operation between the new players and him. We have had special training sessions not only with him and the goalkeeping coach Frans Hoek, but also with the players. We have given a lot of attention to that and because of that we could overcome that.