Louis van Gaal has spoken about his European aspirations for Manchester United, while reflecting on their success in the past. The manager is aware that you need to be a good team to feature in the final, but you also rely on a bit of luck.

Reaching the final is also an aim and winning the final is also a little bit of luck, I think. It’s not only quality, it’s also luck,” explained the boss at his pre-match press conference.

I think Manchester United knows and remembers that fantastically, when they won the Champions League, because I saw at that time the people of Bayern Munich already going downstairs and then they scored in the last minute and, in injury time, Manchester United scored. You can say that was quality but when you have seen the match then you know it was not like that. So you need also luck.

To get in the final, that is already a fantastic result. In the media, it is nothing because second is not the best. That’s the only thing that counts. But, for me, as a manager, I have to say when you reach the final then you have done fantastically. If you win the final then, of course, all the honours go to your team and yourself but I know better.