Wayne Rooney is enduring a poor season so far, which isn’t something Manchester United can afford, considering teenager Anthony Martial is our only other striker.

Louis van Gaal had previously claimed that his captain would always play, which has explained for some how Rooney is in the team every week.

Van Gaal has insisted that Rooney would still be playing even if he wasn’t the captain.

Yes, of course. Wayne is doing a lot, has a very great contribution in the team. So as a manager, I am very satisfied with him.

But as a manager you are never happy with the form and shape of a player. You cannot always be top of the bill. You always have something you want to be better at, as a team and also as an individual player.

You may think and criticise players or a team or a manager, but you have to do that with arguments, and not as a person. That’s why I can not answer this question, because there is always something to improve the quality of a player, the quality of a team.