Adnan Januzaj still didn’t quite look like the player of last season, but in United’s 3-1 win over Leicester he had probably his best performance since Louis van Gaal took over.

The Dutch manager doesn’t doubt his ability but believes the young winger needs to show what he can do more often in matches and in training.

He has a lot of talent but you have to perform that talent in the matches. And also in the training sessions. I’m not making the line-up, the players themselves are making the line-up. Every time you have to compare and that’s also Fletcher, who is a very good player, but I have to compare him with Carrick and Blind who are playing in that position. I have to compare him with Mata because the next press conference you shall ask, ‘Why? Why? Mata is not playing?’ I have to choose and now I choose Januzaj. But it’s always like that – I’m looking every week and every day the players have to show it. I’ve said to players, I’ve said to Falcao, I’ve said to Mata and I’ve said to Januzaj. I’m very pleased that you are pleased with his performance. I think the former manager has chosen him to play from out of the youth and he had an extension of his contract, or an improvement of his contract, so then you know that he is a Manchester United player. Paddy McNair, now, is coming from out of the youth, he has extended his contract, so he is a Manchester United player.