The media tried to get Sir Alex Ferguson to continue with his war of words with Liverpool boss, Rafael Benitez, this week, but our manager declined.

“I don’t want to go on about it anymore,” he said. “I made my point. There is no point carrying it on.”

After United went three points clear with a game in hand last, Benitez was obviously not a very happy bunny. As if going top wasn’t enough to cheer us up, the FSW has decided to lay it on thick and give us a laugh with his insanity.

“I’m not having a battle of words with Alex Ferguson,” Benitez started, before going on to do just that! “But I believe that he can see that we are the better side, and that we are very close to United. He has been accustomed to playing these types of mind games for many years. Nobody has ever said anything against him, or stood up to him, as he has a very good team that can win trophies. It seems like he has a licence to do these sorts of things.”

Yes yes, that’s it you loony tune. United are top of the league, three points clear, having played a game less, but Liverpool are the better side. Course they are. Seriously, does this guy work hard at coming across so badly? Whether this is an attempt at mind games or not, even the ABUs would find it hard to argue that Liverpool have been the best side this season. They’ve certainly enjoyed some good form over the past few weeks but even when you look at the recent form, United are stronger than Liverpool over the last eight games.

“I try not to talk too much,” he then hilariously claimed. “But all I do when I speak is to defend my own team. I did not say that he seems frightened. But I said that he looks nervous, as he can see that we are very close to his team.”

Actually he did say Ferguson was scared, not just nervous, as this footage from the BBC of his press conference shows. We’ve had teams much closer to us in the past, just like we’ve also had teams much further ahead. This threat Liverpool pose is nothing new to Ferguson. In fact, he’s faced much stronger opposition from the likes of Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea in the past.

Now, don’t you have some tables to take care of?