Manchester United fans will always have a lot of time for whatever Eric Cantona has to say. Whilst sometimes he is rather ‘out there’ with his statements, there usually is an intriguing thought behind it all.

Today, Cantona has spoken about his hopes for Football Club United of Manchester, whilst expressing his concern for our future once Ferguson leaves.

“They have a great idea,” Cantona said of FCUM. “I hope they will become a great club and win the European Cup in 50 years’ time. Every club has to be created at one point. Now I am interested in the people who create clubs. Which type of people created Manchester United or Manchester City?”

As far as the issue of Ferguson’s retirement is concerned, Cantona understands why the fans are nervous.

“I can understand why the fans are concerned,” Cantona added. “The philosophy of the club will never change while Alex Ferguson is at the club. After he leaves… that’s what makes me worry. Ferguson is so strong, so popular, he can control everything. For the moment nothing has changed there — apart from in an economic way. I’m worried about the future. I hope that things will not change.”