Manchester United have won all nine of their Premiership games since Rafael Benitez got his list of ‘facts’ out on the telly, whilst Liverpool have won just three of their eight. Eesh.

Yet Benitez claims he has no regrets about reelings off his, erm, ‘facts’. At the time he said everybody agreed with him, except the only people who came out in support of him were a washed-up, fame-hungry ex ref, and a few old Liverpool pros.

Asked did he have any regrets, Benitez defiantly claims he did the right thing, again making the ridiculous emphasis on his ramblings being ‘facts’, not mere comments.

“I do not regret saying anything, and it did not have any effect on results,” said Benitez. “It had no effect on us hitting the post in the last minute at Stoke, it had no influence on them winning their games in hand. I have not spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson since, I do not expect any response from him and I do have great respect for him as a manager. I do not believe that my remarks, facts not comments, has had any effect on the title race. They have won games in hand but I do not believe what I said had any impact on the situation at the top of the league.”

It’s no wonder Benitez doesn’t want any further response from Fergie, given the only time our manager has spoken about the ‘incident’ was to call Benitez “disturbed” and “angry”, but why does he keep opening himself up to this ridicule? Why not just tell the press he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, instead of giving them exactly what they want?

Seriously, the guy started off his rant citing an occasion when Ferguson got punished by the FA, then two minutes later he’s saying Ferguson is the only manager not to get punished by the FA. Facts? He screwed up, fine, it was funny at the time, but let’s drop it. But he won’t let it drop. He keeps making us laugh at him by insisting that it was a good idea to get on TV with that list of paper, reading off a load of nonsense about our manager, then going on to win less than half of the games that followed, surrendering his lead at the top of the table and dropping to third.

I almost feel sorry for him. 


“32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all… we all hate Leeds scum, we all hate Leeds scum, we allllll hate Leeds scum, we all hate Leeds scum… I saw my mate the other day, he said to me he’d seen the white Pele, so I asked, who is he? He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney… Top of the league and that’s a fact, top of the league and that’s a fact!

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