You would think Rafael Benitez would learn his lesson, wouldn’t you? Following his pre-meditated insanity speech, quoting ‘facts’ that weren’t actually facts at all, Liverpool went on to drop points against Stoke for the second time this season, playing out another 0-0 draw.

After dropping points and allowing United in to a position where they can be league leaders before Liverpool even play another game, Benitez decided to talk about Manchester United again. He said we were scared and nervous.

United then go on to have their best performance of the season, trouncing Chelsea at Old Trafford. Not exactly the behaviour of a team that is nervous.

So has Benitez learnt his lesson? Course he hasn’t. He’s at it again!

“It’s another fact,” started Benitez. “So maybe we will talk in another press conference about facts. One fact is that a person that has a lot of power and control and is on a lot of committees is in the FA. So, something is very strange.”

He then goes on to single out Ferguson again. His reason? Because Ferguson has been speaking about Liverpool too much. Have I missed something?

“Would I meet Mr Ferguson face to face? I don’t have any problem,” Benitez continued. “I have a lot of respect for him as a good manager. If he wants to talk about the weather we can talk about the weather. I don’t need to put pressure on Manchester United. They are under pressure, they know they are, because when you talk too much about another team that means you are under pressure. I need to change my mobile phone because it is blocked with messages. Are they from managers? I can’t talk to you about what they have said to me. It was the right moment for me to say these things about Mr Ferguson. Mr Ferguson was talking too much about Liverpool and for too long a time so I think it was the right moment to say, ‘enough is enough’. And a lot of people think the facts I put on the table were right. We will wait and see what happens now. If Mr Ferguson continues saying things, OK, maybe we will have to look for more facts and maybe in 22 years we have a lot of facts. It is a situation that he has created.”

Didn’t Ferguson just get asked what he thought of Liverpool’s title chances and Ferguson responded by saying he didn’t know if this group of players who’ve never won the Premiership before had the bottle to do it?