Discover the main achievements of Manchester United in the 21st century. Experience all of their modern accomplishments and successes.

Manchester United is one of the most beloved football teams in the UK. Their squad size has reached up to 26 players and is worth £711.23 million. They have around 19 national team players, with people visiting them from around the world. Even though the recent ten years were not the best for the club, many people dream of working there from childhood. If you love football, you can also start thinking of creating a career in the football industry. It is not necessary to be a great football player to work for MU. There are many positions you can consider, for example working as a football analyst.

Manchester United is a legendary football club, so let’s consider the fantastic achievements of Manchester United in full detail. Learn about the recent most successful matches, the record-breaking scores, and the biggest shocks of the 21st century in our article.

A New Goalkeeper

The first significant milestone was grabbing a star goalkeeper during the 1999/2000 season when the FIFA World Championship Brazil was kicking off into high gear. The World Cup winner and European Championship, Fabien Barthez, joined Manchester United in July 2000. The man was known for his eccentric nature and formidable playstyle. He helped the team win their third title that year going into 2001. This achievement had only been reached by a few select clubs in England. Until then, only Liverpool successfully did it back in the 1980s.

The signing of Rio Ferdinand

In 2002, there was an official signing of one of the major players in the league. Rio Ferdinand accomplished plenty of wins in the World Cup finals of Japan and Korea. He was considered one of the best performers, making his acquisition cost the club £30 million. The player initially competed in Leeds FC, with his name being known as a top defender. Manchester United was glad to finally have a slot to fill their defences since their previous player, Jaap Stam, left for Lazio. It was thanks to Ferdinand that they could claim the Premiership title in May 2003.

FIFA Club World Cup Japan

In December 2008, the reds became the world champions in an exciting match. After dominating almost every other competition in England, the team qualified for a chance to compete against other international FCs. The FIFA World Cup set in Japan was an exciting opportunity for the team to become world-renowned heroes. It took an impressive play from the famous player, Wayne Rooney, who landed a lone goal against LDU Quito.

Wayne Rooney: Star Player

Thanks to this world championship match and many other feats, Wayne Rooney was awarded several titles in response. The final achievement in the League Cup was able to propel his career to individual excellence. He was awarded the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award and the Football Writers’ Player of the Year award. Wayne Rooney has since been the face of the team, being on the cover of many magazines and becoming a recognized figure in the football community.

Greatest Record of the 21st century

The most recent win in the 20/21 season was in the Premier League against Southampton FC. In February 2021, this was a massive score of 9:0. This is recorded to be their biggest win in the 21st century. While it is indeed high, it is not their biggest win in history. That would go to the 1956 European Cup match against RSC Anderlecht. The total score was 10:0, so it was very close to being a record. Regardless, this was still an impressive feat. This score has not been reached since 1995.

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Manchester United has its entire history listed on the official website. You can view their humble beginnings and read all about their progress. Learn all about the many influential figures that have pushed the team to stardom. You can consider which decade of history to look into by selecting the season.