Manchester United beat Spurs 5-2 the weekend before last after going 2-0 down at home. United’s opening game from a penalty, which Michael Carrick won as he burst in to the box. Carrick tried to round the goalkeeper, before Gomes hurtled out touching the ball momentarily before he took out Carrick. This country was livid! How could that be a penalty?!

Last night Darren Fletcher won the ball from Cesc Fabregas momentarily before he brought the Spaniard down. Guess what, Graham Poll reckons it was a penalty.

“Italian referee Roberto Rosetti had a fine match and can justify in law the penalty he gave after Darren Fletcher brought down Cesc Fabregas,” said Graham Poll. “When commentators and former players say: ‘He got the ball, it can’t be a foul,’ they are wrong. Even though Fletcher got a slight touch on the ball, Rosetti felt it was impossible for the Manchester United midfielder to avoid taking his opponent in the follow.”

So, let me get this straight. If a player wins the ball then fouls a Manchester United player in the penalty area, it shouldn’t be a penalty. However, if a Manchester United player wins the ball then fouls his opponent in the penalty, it should be a penalty. Well that makes a lot of sense, nice one Poll.