Chelsea’s Florent Malouda isn’t giving up hope of the title but is impressed with Manchester United’s strong mentality and acknowledges that we were the better side when the teams met in the Champions League.

“It’s frustrating how things happened between us and United in the Champions League,” said Malouda. “It was hard to watch United’s game with Schalke on TV. I thought about what could have been. But we didn’t deserve to be there. United were better. At the beginning of the season, there were not many people who said United would be top now but they are psychologically strong. A lot of times they are 2-0 down, like against West Ham, but they don’t just come back to draw, they come back to win. That shows their character. Even in their last game against Everton, they scored in the last 10 minutes. Under pressure they stay calm and focused. They are strong, confident, in control.”

Malouda looked at the qualities of our individual players as well.

“Wayne Rooney’s in good form,” he continued. “They have the top scorer in the League in Dimitar Berbatov, they have Chicharito and Nani. They can play different shapes and the result is the same. That’s how you win trophies. That’s what we did last year.’’