Manchester United were battered 3-0 by Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford with goals coming Harry Kane and Lucas Moura. Contributing writer, Nathan Quao, picks the bones out of a horrible night.

Errors proved costly again

On a night when it looked like the team was primed to fight back from the loss at Brighton, errors came back and smashed the Red Devils into bits.

Phil Jones went to sleep for Harry Kane’s header, Luke Shaw’s left back was vacated and Spurs made profit from that end and then, Smalling should have done better with Moura approaching him.

Victor Lindelof almost gave a fourth away had it not been for Dele Alli’s uncertainty and De Gea’s reliability at that moment.

Three crucial errors at important times of the game decided the result and that was the end.

It highlighted the cruelty of the game but at the same time, it showed how locked in a team should be if they want to win a football match.

After the very good start, Spurs grew comfortable and they handed out retribution to take the points away.

Lack of quality at critical times

(Image credit: Ian Hodgson)

(Image credit: Ian Hodgson)

The result may feel strange but then, one needs to consider the fact that the Red Devils had chances they could have utilised.

Lukaku virtually had an empty net to put the ball into but he missed. He sent a header wide moments wide.

For all of Lingard’s industry, he did not have the ability to dribble past any Spurs defender in the first half when the visitors were under pressure.

Shots from distance did not bother Hugo Lloris too much and when crosses should have been played, they were either over or under-hit or that option was not taken at all.

It was a very poor showing in terms of decision-making from the team and when tempers are calm, the errors become very visible to see.

The season may be young but the lack of creative and intelligent sparks at this time should bother anyone who has love for Manchester United.

Pressure time for Mourinho?

(Image credit: Ian Hodgson)

(Image credit: Ian Hodgson)

If the kitchen was warm for Jose Mourinho earlier, it is surely hotter now. He will be scrutinised by every article and the nay-sayers will call for his head but losing two of your three opening games will get everyone coming your way.

The attitude of the team may have been good against Spurs but there were times when they fell short tactically and that is domain of the man in the dugout.

After the first 45 minutes with the score barren and the Red Devils feeling confident, some more attacking impetus was needed in place of Ander Herrera but that did not happen.

Eventually, it all came crashing down and the Red Devils need to fight back even more for the rest of the season.

The manager has to live with the pressure and he must find ways of getting the ship back on track. He has to find the best from the team whether he likes it or not. There are deficiencies with team and they were clear tonight.

Sub-standard centre-backs, no proper mobility in midfield and a lack of attacking guile and threats.

But then, Jose Mourinho has no choice than to fix them before the axe falls on him.