The first game back for the fans but it did not end in the way the last game they saw at the Theatre of Dreams did. It did start how it ended in a sense though. Cavani would put in from long range in a similar fashion to McTominay’s vs Man City. It was an incredible chip from the Uruguayan that absolutely stirred the crow to near delirium. United had plenty of chances to put the game away, mainly falling to Greenwood, but we managed to be profligate. Although, Fulham played much better in the second half and because United were not able to get their extra goal, the chance always stood. It happened as it so often does as a cross from the right hit Bryan’s head and nestled into the net, despite De Gea’s best efforts. A draw is probably a fair result but it is always concerning when there is a limp to the finish.

Who’s The One

It has become an unwelcome side story about what Solskjaer is going to do if the club captain, Harry Maguire, is not fit for the Europa League final. The two games prior, Bailly played against Leicester and Liverpool, within teams of varying strengths. The Ivorian did so alongside the pair who lined up together, Lindelof and Tuanzebe. The Swede, without the Maguire, has looked a far sight short of the performance he had been able to put together when he was deputising alongside the English CB. He has also lacked the physical aspect, whether it be in the air or just tussling for the ball when it is there to be contested. He showed it again today when he managed to be outmanoeuvred by the scrawny young striker, Fabio Carvalho, before De Gea managed to saved his skin. But it was just further elucidation of the fact Lindelof is just incapable of dealing with a lot of the rigours that Premier League strikers that will invariably offer. The man alongside him has not played as regularly as many would have thought when he started against the Newcastle loss in the autumn of 2019. Since then, he has been crippled by injuries. It was the game against PSG where he played his first game in more than a year and he stole the show with his performance against Mbappe. Since, it has been peaks and troughs. Mainly the latter. You can see that his game, reliant on exuding composure and completing actions with consummate ease, can make it look like he is not taking the game seriously rather than it just being his languid style of play. You saw it today when he tried to control a ball hoofed up in the air with the sole of his foot but he let it run under his foot and it led to Fulham gaining possession and building attack. Luckily, it came to nothing. But, it is something he won’t have been able to play through or out of his game when he plays on the stage of United. In the final, it probably will be Bailly alongside Lindelof but with Ole’s words before saying players are still playing for their final places, Tuanzebe did little to convince Ole of otherwise.


Once United had confirmed their place in the top four and thus confirmed their Champions League qualification next season, the next 4 games seemed academic. No one envisaged that the next three games would be 1 point from 9. So it told however. The Leicester game was bearable given the schedule but the Liverpool game and the manner of it soured the mood quite considerably. The draw today will only make it worse given that this was actually against a side that also had nothing to play and were in fact down. It will do nothing for the confidence. United are a form team and do play in waves so it could be quite concerning that this is building up. It is not like a tap where we can turn it on and off. Normally, it takes a while for us to build that form back up. Hopefully, this is not a sign for a disappointing end of the season