A terrible season finished well in front of the fans. Mainoo opened the scoring to make it 1-0 and the first half finished as such. The second half was where the real action laid. Newcastle started on fire and a beautiful cross from Murphy was turned in by Gordon to bring them back level. Newcastle failed to clear from the corner and they must have regretted it when Amad connected with the ball flush and smashed into the net. The game became a bit of a basketball match. Hojlund, a substitute today, came on to make it seemingly comfortable as he got a goal to put breathing space. Hall made it a nervy last few minutes and he scored another goal in front of the Old Trafford faithful this season. It wasn’t going to be a disappointing end this time as the team held out to get three points to make it only our 3rd win in 12 games.

Right In Front Of Our Eyes

There is a common phenomena whereby something can be right in front of our eyes and there is just a simple inability to spot it until someone else points it out. Sometimes, you just have to keep looking until it eventually reveals itself to you.

The right hand side has been something of a cursed position for Man Utd for as long as anyone can remember. It is quite conceivable that there are United fans young enough to not have known a Red Devil side with competency on the right side of attack. It has continued this year as Antony, the big money signing of last year, has continued to flounder with absolute ineptitude. So much so that even with the weight of the money, the manager that brought him in had to drop him for Garnacho. The Argentine performed admirably but the amount he has had to play has meant that he too has suffered with poor play of late. Rashford’s injury and further shocking displays from Antony meant that it finally became time for Ten Hag to put his faith in Amad. He did so against Arsenal and while the whole team were anaemic in attack, Amad showed glimpses of something where he was technical able to keep possession whilst offering a threat.

Tonight, he continued but added the much needed punch. He was classy on and off it, when we both had and didn’t have the ball. On it, again, he showed the composure and presence of mind to build attacks slowly or go at his man or combine with those around him, particularly the other youngster in Mainoo. For the goal, he cut inside and done it again before he played a pass that was meant for Bruno but rolled under the Portuguese man’s feet, where it duly found Mainoo. The English CM tucked away calmly. Amad almost got on the end from a good combo with Mainoo in the penalty but his second touch to set up the shot was taken away from him through the intervention of a Newcastle player. He was caught on it early in the second half and it almost led to a Newcastle equaliser but it was cleared fortunately slumbered through the first few minutes after the break.

All game he hung out on the outskirts of the box when United took their corners. He was found in the first half but his shot was blocked. In the second, this one came to him via a deflection and this one, an intervention was impossible. If not for the net, it may have ripped its way through Old Trafford and settled in Salford Quays. You could see the confidence roaring through him for the rest of his appearance and his performance was given a well deserved applause. Amad has been at United for 3 and half years now. He has been right in front of our eyes yet not the rest of the world’s. It is time he is given the chance to show exactly what he can do.

Other Thoughts

One of Onana’s attributes is that he has quality with the ball at his feet. In recent weeks however, he has shown himself to be culpable of playing passes short and medium length that puts the team in danger. It is especially a problem with the measured punts into the middle of the pitch. It is something he done against Arsenal and it was a problem today as well. The first goal came from our failure to win the second ball of one of these. It is a clear instruction but we have never the presence up top to win the first ball nor the physicality or spacing to be picking up the second balls regularly. It leaves us fairly out of shape and makes it easier to attack through a team that is already porous.

Bruno Fernandes missed his first games through injury for Man Utd the past two games. As I have mentioned before, it is a team shaped in his image and one where you can see a hole in when he isn’t there. There may be issues with having him as the heartbeat of this team but he firmly is and when he plays as he does today, it is with great credence that he should continue in that role. Even if his detractors feel as if it shouldn’t be the case.