Manchester United have today confirmed two fixture changes in May. We were originally set to play Brighton away last weekend but the game had be postponed given both teams were competing in the FA Cup, with us now drawn to play against each other in the semi-final at Wembley.

The game was arranged to be shown on Sky Sports and the broadcaster has picked a new date for the game. Thursday May 4th with a kick-off at 8pm. The first train from Brighton to Manchester following the final whistle is at midnight and anyone making the journey won’t arrive at Piccadilly until after 8am, following changes in London and Crewe.

Three days later we play West Ham away and the game’s original date of Saturday May 6th has now been put back to Sunday May 7th, with a 7pm kick-off, which will be shown on BT Sports. The chances of making the 9.49pm train are slim to none, when factoring in the 40 minute public transfer journey, after our fans have been kept behind, and then having to battle their way out of the surrounding area, with human traffic lights putting things at a standstill. So that leaves them with the only option of the 10pm train which doesn’t arrive in Piccadilly until gone 4.30am, after a change in Sheffield.

The West Ham game falls on the same weekend as the King’s coronation, meaning we will be off work on the Monday, so there is the option of staying over in the capital on Sunday night. Although it’ll be interesting to see how many hotels are available and at what price given how many people will be flocking to London that weekend.

Just when you think matchgoing fans couldn’t be shown any less respect, Sky Sports and BT Sports manage to prove there are always new levels to sink to. What a joke.