Kits are a huge part of a team’s identity, many classics are still held in extremely high regard to this day and questionable design choices over the years have led to fluctuations in sales too. It comes as no surprise that when a bad kit is designed, fans will let a team know in no uncertain terms – that was certainly the case earlier this year with the United away kit being pegged as one of the worst in the clubs history, but there have been some true greats over the years too. We’ll take a look at some of Manchester United’s most memorable football kits.

The Busby Babes’ Classic Red:

The Busby Babes period was defined by a promising youthful squad that was tragically cut short by the Munich flight disaster in 1958. Manchester United’s original red kit became linked with the club’s offensive, exciting style of play throughout this time period. The club’s great heritage is symbolised by the classic, all-red design with a white crew neck – for some this classic style kit is considered to be the pinnacle of good kit design, but for others they’re a bit too basic to hold up to modern day styles.

The Sharp Electronics Era:

Manchester United’s association with Sharp Electronics in the 80s and 90s resulted in some of the most memorable kits for the squad. The crimson shirt with white and black accents became an instant classic. Fans remember the 1992-1993 shirt in especially because it was used during the club’s first Premier League title triumph. When looking up lists for the most popular kits, the old United Sharp kits often measure up towards the top of the list.

The Return of the Collar:

Manchester United reached the top of European football once more in 07-08, winning the UEFA Champions League. This season’s uniform included a return to the old white collar pattern. With a hall of fame performance in a penalty shootout over Chelsea, this kit was immediately immortalized for fans, and although teams have since strayed away from the colour once again, it’s still an iconic look for many.

Dare to be different:

Despite having a poor run of things in the 01-02 season finishing just third, which had been the lowest finish in the premier league to date, Manchester United did dare to be different with their away kit design for the season which has gone down in history with some infamy. The away and third shirt were of reversible design, a black and white with gold trim away that would be reversible into a gold and black shirt. Depending how old you were when this kit was released, you either loved it or hated it, but there hasn’t been anything quite like it since.

The Present-Day Adidas Era:

Manchester United’s current partnership with Adidas has resulted in some eye-catching uniforms. The zebra-style kit for 20-21, with black and white stripes, was a radical departure from the typical all-red look. Much like the 01-02 reverse kit, United dared to do something a bit different that its usual approach and whilst not all fans were too excited for this change, it’s always nice to see something different.

This partnership stands out in many different ways too, whilst United is still one of the most bet teams in the league with many fans taking advantage of a Bet365 bonus code to wager on games, it’s one of the kits that one see drastic change as the Premier League have requested teams to withdraw from gambling sponsorships by the 26/27 season.

Manchester United’s football outfits are more than just uniforms; they represent the club’s history, accomplishments, and identity. Each jersey offers a story, from the traditional red design to the commemorative kits. These kits have become part of the club’s heritage and are imprinted in the minds of fans all over the world. As the club evolves and creates new memories, one thing is certain: Manchester United’s kits will always be an important part of its legacy, connecting the past, present, and future.