Good players are difficult to come by – which is why it is always a good choice to hang on to those that have previously brought you success. For this reason, it was reported that Manchester United offered midfielder Angel Gomes a new deal, worth £30,000 per week, for him to remain in the club after the summer ends.

This offer came amid Chelsea’s interest in the player, hoping that he would consider joining their team once the contract terminates. Manchester United reacted to Chelsea’s attempts, trying to convince Gomes that his future is not in Stamford Bridge, but at the Old Trafford.

A Decision of Security

Up until this point, Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer kept assuring Gomes that he is on the right path to obtaining a regular spot within the senior side. That being said since the 19-year old player only had a total of 10 first-team appearances within his career with the club (with six more coming this season), he began to wonder whether or not remaining with United was what’s best for his future.

The shadow of doubt kept growing when the 18-year old player Mason Greenwood made 36 appearances throughout the entire United Campaign. Many viewers placed soccer bets on his success, the player gaining quite a lot of success. This caused Gomes to start weighing his options – and Manchester United to increase their offer.

Through reports, it became known that the initial offer for the Portuguese youngster was £25,000 pounds per week for the next two years. However, after it became certain that Gomes wished for more security, the offer reached 30,000 pounds per week, for three years, with added instalments.

The Pressure of Competition

At this point, Manchester United is in quite a difficult circumstance. Considering that it was made clear Chelsea’s Frank Lampard wants to blood his younger players, giving them a chance of staking claims within the first team, it is understandable why they would feel uncertain of Gomes’ decisions. Many of the Chelsea players have seen a quick rise due to Lampard’s approach, all joining the first time during this season and attracting a lot of soccer bets.

That being said, Manchester United still needs to convince Gomes to be patient in the aftermath that he decides to stay. Manchester United has a strong belief that he will eventually reach his highest level, joining the frontline – but at the same time, they still do not believe that his physical attributes will allow him to make regular steps. This might take time, along with some extra measures.

The belief of United, however, is that Gomez mostly wishes to remain at the Old Trafford club – and that his representatives are the ones that are looking for a better deal. After convincing Tahith Chong to sign a new contract, they hope that they can manage the same thing with Gomez and keep him on the team. Gomez’s decision will eventually influence a change in next season’s soccer betting odds.