Manchester United had a strong start in the Champions League campaign in France and the team has every reason to aim big this season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems to agree, and if you are pinning your hopes on the Red Devils this season, you may actually have a point.

As it turns out, all Premier League predictions seem to support Man Utd’s chances of success down the 2020/2021 road. The change is refreshing as the Mourinho era had an unpleasant after taste and a very ugly ending.

Either way, Solskjaer found the time to sit down with MUTV’s Steward Gardner and take a good hard look at what Manchester United’s chances of success this season are. Nothing seems to suggest that the Reds are going to give up – or be weighed down – by their past.

Historically, Manchester United seems to fare much better in international competitions than on home turf. It’s this switch on and off mindset that seems to follow the team everywhere they go (at least abroad).

The football odds have not always been kind to Manchester United, granted, but with their new manager, things are indeed looking up for a beloved franchise that has a lot of history and a track record of clear-cut success.

It’s always about using the squad, said Solskjaer, who has been strategizing which players to field in the opening game to make sure his best men remain refreshed, free of injury, and ready to pitch in when more difficult opponents traipse in the stadium.

Of course, it’s always a gamble. Can a manager rely on his B Team when in reality every game is just as important as the finals themselves? The UCL is built on a highly-competitive premise where mistakes are punished severely, whether you are playing the opening or final game.

Get Quick 10 Points, In and Out

Solskjaer is very straightforward in his expectations of the team. Get 10 points as quickly as possible and have some time to rest. Of course, the next opponent seems to be every bit as challenges as they get.

RB Leipzig made it to the semi-finals last year, and Solskjaer is aware of what now has to be done. The question is if his men can pull it off. Solskjaer seems to be pinning his hopes on the Red Devils’ good track record abroad.

Yet, Leipzig does mean business so much that the Reds would have to study their game very carefully. Now, one issue that the Reds would have to live up to is getting more wins at Old Trafford.

The atmosphere on home turf is always elated and fans have been supportive, but what could help improve and bolster morale is a simple formula of good vibes and more wins. Now, Solskjaer admits that it’s a little difficult to play when you don’t have the fans roaring and cheering you on, but as long as you remember that the fans are still tuning in to watch, you are onto a good thing again.

Overall, the Reds have a lot of courage and skill and they are onto a good start.