Lee Martin scored the winning goal in the 1990 FA Cup final when Manchester United played Crystal Palace, following a 3-3 draw which forced a replay.

This trophy was Sir Alex Ferguson’s with the club, and as United attempt to win their first trophy post-Ferguson, Martin has revealed how he ended up being in the position to score.

“Archie Knox was the assistant manager on the bench, probably 20 yards from me, and I heard him shout ‘get forward!’ so I made my run.

It was 60 or 70 yards and Webby [Neil Webb] played the ball on to my chest and I put it in.

After the game, we were sat in the dressing-room and Archie Knox came in, sat beside me and said ‘when I was shouting to get forward, I wasn’t talking to you!’. He was actually looking somewhere down the pitch and if I’d have looked up at the bench, I probably wouldn’t have made the run because I was shattered, my legs had gone. But I just heard the shout and thought ‘right, I’ve got to go, that’s my cue, I’m off’ and the rest is history.”