Lisandro Martinez was unveiled as a Manchester United player today, following Erik ten Hag from Ajax to Old Trafford.

The Argentine defender has spoken to the club’s official site about his excitement over playing for United.

Now I can feel the fire, you know? I want to train right now, with the team. For sure, we will work hard to put the club in the high levels.

I will give my 100 per cent every game, in every training [session]. For sure, also the team, we will do it. We will play as a team. 

For sure, I know the fans from Manchester United – I watch videos, and when I watch a game, and some opinions also, the fans from Manchester United are so passionate.  But I like that passion, because football is about it also.

Martinez played in United’s 4-1 win over Wrexham behind closed doors this afternoon. At Carrington, he reflected on his football journey which has led him up to this point.

As a player, I left my house when I was 14 years old, so then you have to take responsibility on yourself.  At 14 years old, you have to be a man. Then you have to fight for everything. You have to fight for food, you have to fight for your family, you have to fight for your team. Then you learn a lot: how hard life is.

In the beginning, not so many people believed in me. So, yeah, it’s difficult in Argentina, especially when you start. When you start to play football, it’s like you don’t think for sure [you are going to make it as a professional].  You believe in yourself but it’s difficult to take this step [into the game], you know, because it’s a big step. It’s not easy to think that, at some point, I’ll play for Manchester United. It’s difficult.