Lisandro Martinez has been a hugely popular figure at Manchester United since joining the club in the summer from Ajax. His injury towards the end of the season may be a moment that we look back upon, with us missing him badly in the second leg against Sevilla and the FA Cup final against Manchester City.

Martinez has spoken to the club’s official site about how he has been made to feel by the supporters since making the move.

I really feel the love of the fans. I also feel a lot of love for them. I really like this connection because it’s very important. Sometimes that support, that fire, wins games. You see it, the stadium is on fire. It’s part of that connection.

Football is a big part of my life. I live for football. Yeah, I love football. I give everything for it. Like I said in many interviews before, football is life. You have to fight for that. You have to fight for, I say, always the food. In the game, if someone takes your food, you have to fight. You can’t give in easily to them.

Martinez has made a home for himself in Manchester and his adjustment has been seamless. He has spoken about how much he is enjoying life at United.

I’m enjoying [it] a lot. I’m enjoying every day here – in the training, the dressing room, in the games, at Old Trafford. I think I am enjoying it a lot. I’m really happy to be here. Like I said, I’m enjoying it. I think it is a big dream of mine to be here and I am really happy.