Paul Pogba has often been described as a disruptive force in the dressing room by the media but Juan Mata has claimed that can’t be further from the truth. We’ve all seen the footage of him giving his teammates motivating talks during the World Cup last summer, so it’s surprising when people suggest that Pogba is divisive. Speaking with Sky Sports News, Mata suggests that Pogba is a player who brings the team together.

We all know Paul and he is a fantastic midfielder, and a very good guy, very positive, and a good influence for everyone. I think he is happy and brings everyone together, but I cannot speak for other people – I speak for myself. As a team-mate and a friend I would like him to stay and be happy because he is a very good player for us.

Reports suggest that David de Gea is close to signing a massive extension with the club and it’s unsurprising that best pal Mata hopes this happens.

David is the best goalkeeper in the world and one of my best friends so I want him to stay. On a professional level, it would be great if he stays because he will give us many points over the next season, so I’m very happy if he stays.

United finished sixth last season and won nothing, which is appalling by our standards. Following a more intense pre-season, Mata says that the team are ready to return to where they should be.

This club has won more trophies than any other club in England and we want to win again big trophies. That is what the history of this club and the fans deserve. We know we have to improve and have a better season than last season. I think we have very good people in the changing room and good people in the manager. We want to improve, we want to win and we are working towards that.