Paddy McNair has revealed that Jose Mourinho had planned to keep the defender on Manchester United’s books, but loan him out for a season.

McNair claims he gave our manager an ultimatum, saying he was either sold or he would refuse to go out on loan. This forced the club to allow him to leave to Sunderland for £5.5m.

He wanted me to go on loan and I went in to see Jose and just said “look, if you don’t let me go on a permanent, I’m just going to stay here”. That’s how strongly I thought about it. At the time, it’s what I wanted so I’ve got no regrets. I think he quite liked how I was straight up. I said I wanted to leave, that I didn’t want to go on loan.

I think he respected that. I told him that I’d been here since I was 12-years-old and club could at least let me do what I want to do. I spoke to Ed Woodward and said the same to him. I was refusing to go on loan basically. I just wanted a new challenge and off I went.