It’s hard to believe that Scott McTominay was keeping Casemiro out of Manchester United’s starting line-up at the beginning of the season, giving the minimal role he’s gone on to play. Injuries haven’t helped, but Erik ten Hag has often preferred Fred to the Scotsman when Casemiro hasn’t been available.

Speaking to the club’s official site, McTominay has spoken about how different Ten Hag’s approach is compared to the previous managers he’s played under, but he’s enjoyed learning new ways of doing things.

Obviously, the transition in terms of his style is very, very different to some other coaches, but, as I say, that’s football. He’s always having you thinking, and having you think about new ideas and stuff like that.

It’s good, that’s the best way to be with football: open-minded and going into every game, if he asks you to do something, you do it to the best of your abilities and you try to learn it as best as you can. I think, for me, it’s great. I love it.

McTominay enjoyed a special fortnight in March, where he scored two goals Cyprus, then two goals against Spain for Scotland, before scoring the opener against Everton for United, and has reflected on that time.

Every goal that you score is special but, like you say, I should score more goals than I do. I do get into good positions and I can shoot left foot and right foot, which, obviously, I’m confident to do. I feel like the more opportunities you get to play, the more that can come out.

The players now have a break for a few weeks before the pre-season starts and McTominay is going to enjoy the break before getting back to training hard for the club he loves.

When you’re on your holidays, you need to relax and take it easy, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’m someone who loves football and I love this club. Whatever happens and however many minutes you play, I’m still going to train hard every single day and give my best for the team and always be there, contribute with some goals every now and again, maybe when you come on, but I feel like, for myself, it’s keep your head down and keep working.