Scott McTominay has given an interview with MUTV to empathise with the fans following a horrific run of form for Manchester United. The 3-0 defeat to City being followed up by a 3-0 loss to Newcastle in the League Cup has made for a disastrous few days for United.

With games against Fulham and Copenhagen on the horizon, McTominay has talked about how imperative it is for us to win the next two matches.

We have to win. That’s always the thought process. Obviously, my thoughts are with the fans at the minute because we’re not playing well and it’s difficult for them – they pay their hard-earned money every week to come and watch us and the least we can do is play well and win football matches.

It’s not quite happening at the moment, sometimes that’s football. I feel like, for us in that dressing room, we have to stay tight and keep a clear head, and we can’t get too emotional with everything that surrounds us. We’ve got to block it all out.

McTominay acknowledges that the fans deserve better and that his teammates have been angry in the dressing room following the defeats.

You saw last night it was a difficult game in every aspect, in terms of the result. But the fans are always there and are always behind us. I feel like the players feel that whenever we go back inside the dressing room – the anger is towards ourselves and also the anger is towards not pleasing the fans and giving them what they want.

I can assure the fans that’s probably the most important thing in the players’ heads, we want to do it for the people who travel home and away and watch every single game and support us.

Forget about all the people who don’t care about us and write stupid things in the media and try to divide us and all the other things. That’s not important to us at the moment. Everyone has to come together and, when the next game comes, we have to fight like dogs, that’s the way it’s got to be.